First Time in Armenia

There is something you need to know before you read this article: The relations between Turkey and Armenia are in a bad situation. (Why?? It’s the another article’s topic.)
I went to Yerevan, Armenia at November 22, 2017 and stayed there for 10 days with Erasmus+ Youth Project.
I learned a lot especially on unemployment and entrepreneurship. I made new friendships. Best friendships. I tried to share my knowledge and be useful for them.

It wasn’t my first Erasmus+ experience but still I’m feeling like I left my 20-years friends.

Before I go there, people around me talked a lot. Asked a lot.

Why you want to go there?
What you’re gonna do there?
There are so many places you can go, why Armenia?
Don’t go there!
You can stay in Tbilisi, better than Armenia. (They knew about that I’ll go Tbilisi first, before Armenia)

People talks. People always talks. People mostly speaks stupidly. That’s why I’m asking “Why?” always. From stupid person you can hear only stupid answers to this question.
If there is something bad, I must see by my own eyes, not by their words!

And what I saw?

I saw hope, love, happiness, peace in their eyes! And I felt like at home.
It was an important lesson for me. Don’t care about the words of people. Don’t live with their opinions.

Go and see with your own! Feel on your own!
Do not be prejudiced! You’re missing the beauty of life …

Officer asked me, when we’re passing border: “Did you like Armenia?”
I told him same answer which I already told you: “I loved Armenia and I’ll come again, it won’t my last time”

Thank you everyone! I miss all of you…


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    Sami I am so happy that you liked Armenia.. I am an Armanian and I could never imagine that one day I would gain such a amazing friend as you from Turkey..
    You are really amazing person and come again please.. My heart is always open for you

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